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Whenever I get to photograph a special time in someones life, it’s always a blessing. But when those people happen to be your friends, really really good friends, it takes on a whole new meaning. It already was such an amazing experience to photograph Bri and Mikes Wedding in 2017, but now I got to […]

Flipping A House Into A Home | The Growing Gowler Family | Kankakee, IL

The way the Naperville Riverwalk lights up behind these two has me speechless! I love a good urban session and Downtown Naperville has so much to offer for a beautiful evening setting. I can’t wait to get back and shoot here over the summer and fall when it’s all bloomed and even more gorgeous. But […]

Evening Riverwalk Couples Session | Naperville, IL | Channing + Samantha

Sunsets in the country fields of a small town have my whole heart! There’s something about the quiet nights (until the train rolls through) and fields that go on for days to catch the perfect sunset! This little town just south of Kankakee, IL gave us the perfect setting for Chad and Sammys engagement session. […]

Small Town Sunset Engagement Session | Kankakee, IL | Chad + Sammy | Chicagoland Wedding Photographer

When Rachel asked me how I felt about a Greenhouse engagement session, I instantly had those little heart eyes pop out in front of me! I LOVE when clients come to me with these kind of ideas. I’ve always had a Greenhouse engagement on my radar but never had the right opportunity to shoot at […]

Greenhouse Engagement Session in Grant Park, IL | Jack + Rachel | Chicagoland Wedding Photographer


The signs of winter are slowly fading, and spring is on the way. This downtown engagement session with Jordan and Allie was the first warm session of the year, and this perfect golden light matched their playful personalities and love perfectly! And not only did this engagement session bring in the perfect golden hour light, […]

Playful Sunset Engagement Session in Downtown Kankakee, Illinois | Jordan + Allie

Playful Sunset Engagement Session in Downtown Kankakee Illinois

Have I mentioned how much I love winter engagement sessions? Seriously, forget all the cold frigid feelings, I can not get over how much i have enjoyed shooting this winter! And of course it just so happened to begin snowing on the day of Nick and Laurens engagement session, and that beautiful fresh snow fall […]

Nick + Lauren | Bourbonnais Winter Engagement Session | Chicagoland Engagement Photographer


I love when i get “just because” sessions. I’ve said it before, even when your’e married there is still a reason to get photos taken. Just have fun, and capture something each year. Even if it’s just the two of you! We had a pretty good couple of weeks with beautiful snow in Kankakee, so […]

Kyle + Stephanie | Kankakee State Park Winter Couples Session | Chicagoland Photographer


Originally when I had talked with Amanda, we were just scheduling our consultation to go over their wedding details as I normally do. Usually this is the first time I meet my couples and then we plan for the engagement session from there. A couple of days before our consultation, Amanda had text me asking […]

Derek & Amandas Winter Engagement Photos | Oswego, IL | Chicagoland Wedding Photographer

Sunset Winter Engagement Session Oswego IL Hudson Crossing Chicagoland Wedding Photographer

January. Chicago. Cold. Bitter. Snow. Those words all go together, and if you live in the Chicagoland area, you know this all too well. Well the day of Andrew & Lindseys engagement session was no exception in Kankakee. Aaahhh, it was freakin COLD! BUT, I’m so thankful that these two braved the cold and were […]

Andrew & Lindsey’s Winter Engagement Photos | Kankakee, Illinois | Chicagoland Wedding Photographer

Winter Engagement Photos Kankakee State Park Chicagoland Wedding Photographer