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If you’re here that means you’re probably engaged and experiencing all the feels! And if you are then, CONGRATS!! I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to hear all about it. 

aaahh girlfriend! 

so you have set your date, looked at venues and other vendors. now what?

guess what?

how do you find the right photographer for your Wedding Day? 

This is a HUGE deal. Your photographs are what you will have to remember the biggest day of your life, so it has to be perfect! 

when you inquire with me and I see that email come across, I also get the feels rushing through me.

learn more about the process!

I want every single bride and groom to have the most perfect day, so my emotions start rolling and I instantly start thinking of how I can make it perfect for you. I picture your venue and the time of year you’re getting married and what you and your fiancé will possibly look like there before even seeing you. 

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So when you hit that inquire button, send me all your details and visions, spill it all out because I am here to invest in you and your story as much as you are investing in me. 

You’ve inquired. I’m available. We clicked and you booked. now what?

engagement session time!

YESSS this is seriously my favorite, I love this part so much. We’ll finally get to meet after weeks of talking and planning. And yes I am here to help you plan every step of the way and prep for the best and most relaxing engagement session. Even your fiancé will have fun!

I have a massive KRP bridal magazine that you will receive that has so much information and guidance to planning the perfect wardrobe and most ideal location. You’re going to spill more deets about your relationship and visions that way I can personalize your session to make it just right.

I’m telling ya, we’re going to find out so much about each other you’d think we were best friends for years! 

You guys rocked the engagement session. You love your gallery. Now what?

detail planning time!

Chances are there will be a long gap of time from the engagement session to the wedding day. So this is the time to do all your detail planning.

Like I mentioned, you will receive a KRP bridal guide that will help you plan all of these details and how they will fit in your timeline.

I am available at all times to help in any way possible. I will check in on you periodically to make sure everything is going great and remind you to lean on me for anything you need.

As we near the Wedding Day we will fill out more details, finalize your timeline, and chat about all these details to make sure no special detail is missed.

still have some more questions?

That’s ok — many do, so here’s some more info.

How long have I been shooting weddings?
- I did my first wedding in 2012. In the beginning years of my business I focused more on families with 4-5 weddings a year. In 2016 I started to fall more in love with the Wedding journey and started to transition my business to focus more on Weddings. I now average 16 Weddings a year and that number continues to grow each year!

Do I have a second shooter?
- 2/3 of my packages do include a second shooter! I love having someone by my side for such an important day and being able to capture more for my couples.

How much are the packages?
- Wedding Collections begin at $2800 and I include digital print release with each package. I have 3 to choose from to help you pick the best one to match your budget and visions for the day. 

let's chat about your wedding day!