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Flipping A House Into A Home | The Growing Gowler Family | Kankakee, IL

Whenever I get to photograph a special time in someones life, it’s always a blessing. But when those people happen to be your friends, really really good friends, it takes on a whole new meaning. It already was such an amazing experience to photograph Bri and Mikes Wedding in 2017, but now I got to capture this amazing new chapter in their lives. Flipping a house into a home isn’t always easy, especially when you have other big events happening in your life at the same time.

Recently Bri and Mike bought a House on an amazing piece of land. The kind of house many would look at it and think “oh man that needs too much work”. But these two took the house and saw what it could be, saw the land that they dreamed of, the huge barn and endless potential. This process can be tough, trialing and filled with many anxiety ridden days and nights. But when you have each other and a dream in mind, those troubling days seem so small. Since this is such a special time in their lives, we walked around the house a bit and grabbed some photos in different areas of the house so that they can remember this time when it is all done. You know the phrase “enjoy the process”? That applies so much when transforming a house into your dream home. In order to have your dream and whatever you want in the end, this process has to be embraced!

Mike is also quite the woodworker, so there’s no doubt in my mind that this home is going to be filled with some of the best custom pieces to fit their personality. If you’re in the market for some custom pieces, make sure you check out his work at this link HERE. Maybe just give him a little time though since he is kinda, sorta a little busy right now.

And now on to exciting news number 2!!! Ever since I have known Bri, I knew what she wanted to be in life more than anything else was a mom! She was born to be a mom, literally, it’s in her heart and soul to be the best mom in the world. So when we met to do these photos, it could not have been any more perfect for them to tell me that this parent life was finally happening for them. Not only are they building their forever dream home, they are doing it just in time to welcome home their new babes in November! It is seriously going to be the best year ever for this family and I couldn’t be more excited to be by their side during this time in their lives.

In just a short while, this empty space will be filled with the most beautiful decor, laughs that turn into tears and endless memories shared with family, friends, and new babies. And now that I am crying I will end this post with a big huge congratulations on all things in life to these two wonderful people!


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