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YES! You NEED An Engagement Session | KRP Engagement Tips

The Real reason why you need an engagement session - tips for wedding planning

Over the years I have had many couples ask me “Do I really need an Engagement Session? We aren’t doing Save the Dates.” My answer is always the same, so let’s dive into that.

I don’t need you to have an engagement session just so I can have the gorgeous photos. I need you to have an engagement session so we can get to know each other more from this unique perspective. Even if you’re a couple that I’ve been around and grown to know, it’s a whole different encounter once you’re in front of the camera.

Do you really want your Wedding Day to be the first time you’re in front of a professional photographer? You can’t do that day over again, you can’t “try again” to fix what you didn’t like. Your engagement session is essentially your trial. Just like you do a trial run for your hair and makeup, you tour the venue, you have a taste test, etc. All of those things are done so you know what to expect the day of. An engagement session allows you to have an understanding of how you’ll interact with one another and with me on your Wedding Day.

Maybe you don’t realize you have a preferred side. Or, maybe you don’t realize you look so nervous even though you tried so hard not to. Maybe you realize you don’t like yourself in certain poses. Maybe you actually realize how comfortable you can feel in front of the camera! Just about every Engagement Shoot I have ever done, the couple at the end says “wow that was fun. I did not expect that at all”.

You could have had your photos done before and this isn’t the first time you’d be in front of the camera. That’s awesome, but just like any other profession and service in the Wedding Industry, all photographers are different. The way that I interact with you during the engagement session will be exactly how I am on your Wedding Day. You’ll get to know my cues and how I direct the two of you together, which may be completely different than a previous experience.

If you never use your engagement photos for anything other than social media, you’ll use the experience! And that experience will only enhance your Wedding Day and final image gallery.

Are you engaged and trying to figure out how you can escape the Engagement Session? Don’t! Let’s chat, I guarantee you’ll be 100% comfortable and having fun the whole time.

You can check out more of my Engagement Sessions here. I’ll be updating the page with so many more from 2019, so stay tuned!

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