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Chicago Lifestyle Newborn Session | Baby Leah

I’ll start by saying that I don’t photograph a lot of newborns anymore. My business has evolved and it’s just not my main focus. However, when a friend or someone I know has a cute little babes, there’s no way I’m turning down that lifestyle session!

I met Val when we worked together a couple of years ago and since then we have stayed in touch and Im so thankful for that friendship. When she asked me to do this session for them, I was fully onboard despite the dreaded Chicago traffic. They live on the north side of Chicago and we ended up doing the session on a Monday morning. So picture that for a minute. haha. But seriously, I would do it every day for the cute squishy babies.

Lifestyle Newborn sessions can definitely fit into “my jam”. I love the interaction it calls for between parents and baby while they embrace the “newness”. Especially as first time parents, this can be extra special to watch because no matter how old that babe is, it’s all still new and every reaction is a good one to capture. I get to be so relaxed and just hang out in the home snuggling babe, chatting with mom and dad and just letting everybody do their thing. Even when that “thing” means watching Dad put on a superman onesie to get a few pictures with his lil’ girl.

If you’re interested in one of these sessions, let me know! I don’t do them often but I love the simplicity and connection within these sessions, just like I treat my family sessions!

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